Moving in/Moving out


Whether your new home or business needs a bit of a spruce up or a complete overhaul, we can work with you to put your stamp on it.

Even before you purchase a new property, we can offer advice and suggestions. Perhaps you need a skilled eye to see what a particular property could be. Or perhaps you’re spoilt for choice and need an objective eye to help work out which option has the most potential. We can help to solve property-buying dilemmas and set you on your way to creating your perfect new place.


If you’re selling a property, you will undoubtedly want to maximise the selling price. Whether you simply want some advice and styling to create the most attractive space that you can with what you currently have, or you’re looking to fully refurbish or renovate with an eye to sale, we can assist. Where appropriate, we consult with local estate agents to ensure that your budget is directed to elements which are most likely to maximise your investment.