What clients say

"We had a wonderful experience working with Rebecca. She listened to our needs, and delivered a beautiful and functional solution for a room that needed to be dual-use - and under budget!"

"My apartment looks terrific, and exactly what I hoped for. I have no hesitation in recommending her"

"Rebecca is a wonderful interior designer. She is friendly and approachable and always willing to help no matter how small or silly the request may be"

"What I appreciated the most was the amount of different ideas and knowledge on materials, websites, shops, finishes and different ways of achieving a look"

"Rebecca is prompt and efficient meaning that, not only is the job kept on track, but also costs do not spiral out of control"

"Rebecca was highly consultative and collaborative and made excellent recommendations throughout the course of the project"

"Thankfully Rebecca was the one suggesting more affordable materials or ways to achieve the look I wanted as, if left to my own judgement, my budget wouldn't have gone as far as it did"

"Rebecca is very responsive to emails and messages and was flexible with my calendar in terms of when we met to review progress"

"One of the brilliant things about Rebecca's designs is that she isn't all about fitting the most expensive items. For the lesser building blocks of a room, Rebecca manages to source items that are affordable and look fantastic, without compromising the quality and look of the room. It is truly very impressive"

"Working with Rebecca at Studio Vie was a fabulous experience and I would definitely work with her again on future projects"